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Workshops & Filmmaker Panels

MMFF 2021: Documentary in Development with Tracey B. Wilson and Anne Holiday

Join 2021 Sundance Collab participant Tracey B. Wilson and 2-time MicroMania Film Fest award-winner Anne Holliday as they discuss the development and trajectory of Tracey’s first feature documentary project.

MMFF 2021: Video Editing Basics Using DaVinci Resolve with Steve Rosenthal

Join editor, producer, and colorist Steve Rosenthal as he demystifies the process of video editing with DaVinci Resolve. (Download your free copy of DaVinci Resolve here.)

MMFF 2021: Color Grading Basics Using DaVinci Resolve with Steve Rosenthal

Join film editor, producer, and professional colorist Steve Rosenthal as he demystifies the process of color grading and introduces to some of the special effects possible with Davinci Resolve. (Download your free copy of DaVinci Resolve here.)

MMFF 2021: Micro-Grant Writing with Dorothea Braemer

“That was an unusually helpful session. I am thinking about my project differently now.”
—H. Famira

Join filmmaker, arts administrator and media communications educator Dorothea Braemer for brief overview of the grant writing process for your next film, art or community project. (Download the slideshow here.)

MMFF 2020: MicroINDIGENOUS with Kim Wheeler

A conversation with MicroMania Film Fest 2020 Micro-Animation winner Meli Tuquota Jr., Jack Belhumeur, Terry Jones, and award-winning writer and former CBC radio producer Kim Wheeler as they discuss filmmaking and narrative sovereignty for Indigenous filmmakers. Sponsored and co-presented by Native Spirit Festival.

MMFF 2020: Social Justice in Micro with Annette Daniels Taylor

Poet Jillian Hanesworth, Maria Ta, Léwugà Benson, and host Annette Daniels Taylor discuss their films, their process, art as activism, and art for activation.

MMFF 2020: Womxn in Micro with Tilke Hill

Join host Tilke Hill, MicroMania 2020 Best Mini-Micro and Best Micro-Documentary filmmaker Anne Hollowday, Lisa Donatien, Andrea Ashton as they discuss their work and the challenges and triumphs of being #femalefilmmakers in the film industry in 2020.

MMFF 2020: Queer Voices in Micro with Tilke Hill

Tilke Hill talks filmmaking with MicroMania 2020 FINALISTS and Queer filmmakers Jordana Valerie Allen-Shim, Terry Jones, and Lee Campbell. Sponsored by FREE AGENT.

MMFF 2020: Comedy in Micro with Mark Duplass

Host Mark Duplass talks comedy with filmmakers Kristen Ballard, Seaton Kay-Smith, and Sonia Sebastian. Recorded live on July 29, 2020 during the 2020 MicroMania Film Fest. Sponsored by Argle Bargle: The Game Where You Insult Your Friends.