Amplifying Self-Representation & Diverse Storytelling

Self-representation is critical to dismantling stereotypes our programs introduce audiences to authentic storytelling that reflects diverse perspectives often overlooked in mainstream for-profit media.

Believe in Ukraine
Film Program

“Full circle is what Ukrainians want for their country: to go through challenges and come out on the other side better and stronger. Safe and free. And have the pre-war topics return to the surface again, becoming the most critical agenda like as in times of peace.  – Anastasia Kirii, Program Curator

This 52-minute short film program begins pre-war stories of day-to-day Ukrainian life, continues with the rough and unbelievable reality of war told from different perspectives, and ends with rebirth, starting the loop all over.

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The Haudenosaunee Micro-Short Film Program (HMSFP)


This unique short film screening program brings WNY Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members together to connect and celebrate Indigenous storytelling in film/video. HMSFP screens 12-15 short films, up to five minutes in duration, created by Haudenosaunee emerging and professional filmmakers from youth to adult. <br>

HMSFP creates a safe and welcoming space for Haudenosaunee artists and community members where they are seen, heard, and respected.  All programming, design, messaging, and marketing decisions for this program are made together.

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Haudenosaunee Micro-Short Film Program

Spark Micro-Short Film Festival

Saturday, April 5th, 11:00 AM – Buffalo and Erie County’s Downtown Central Library

Spark Micro-Short Film Festival, entering its 6th year in 2025, celebrates the skill, artistry, and impactful storytelling possible through films 5 minutes long and under by culturally diverse local and international adults and youth.

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View brilliant micro-short films anytime for free. Drawn from Spark Micro-Short Film Festival winners, finalists, and official selections from 2019-2023, our channel offers bite size ving of brilliant and impactful short films by diverse international creators.

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