September 3-30, 2022 | Buffalo, NY & Virtual

Connecting hearts and communities through micro-short films and inspiring new voices to self-represent though film and videos 5 minutes and under.

MicroMania Film Festival & MicroMania Channel are nonprofit projects created to support independent voices in film by celebrating the skill and artistry of micro-short films (up to 5 minutes long before credits).

Filmstrip 3 - Spark Filmmakers Collaborative

Share your stories with the world!

Learn basic visual storytelling and more during our free and low cost in-festival virtual workshops.

Whether you have sights on a career in filmmaking, you’re learning fun, or you’re ready to share your work with the world, we’ve got panels and workshops to help.

Filmstrip 2 - Spark Filmmakers Collaborative

Film Submission

2022 Submissions are closed! Submit your micro-short film (5 min or under) starting August 15, 2022 for opportunities to stream on our channel, screen during our festivals, and more!

Watch Micros

Stream 200+ amazing micro-short films from international creators!


Join us September 2022 for the MicroMania Event Series opening with our annual festival opening event: Haudenosaunee Micro Short Film Program, September 3ed at Burchfield Penney Arts Center in Buffalo, NY.

Filmstrip 1 - Spark Filmmakers Collaborative

About Spark Filmmakers Collaborative

Our stories help us see ourselves in each other.

Spark Filmmakers Collaborative envisions an open and loving human society based on the recognition of our similarities and appreciation for our differences. Whether you’re just curious, new to filmmaking or a seasoned creator, we’re here for you.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

We want folks of all abilities, ages, ethnicities, genders, sexual identities and income levels to feel empowered to self represent through video and film starting small.

We focus on films 5 minutes and under because they cost less to produce. Anyone with a video enabled device and a some encouragement can do it.

We showcase the work and voices of creators from all backgrounds to prove it.

Learn Basic Visual Storytelling with us

We developing workshops and events that combine film screenings with educational opportunities to expand the field of voices self-representing through film and video.

Our programs introduce basic filmmaking, grant writing and film industry concepts through low cost virtual workshops and panel discussions with filmmakers at all levels.

Let’s grow our communities together

Our team is excited and ready to dreaming up new and innovative short film based community events and programs to grow our communities together.