September 4–25, 2021 | Buffalo, NY & Virtual

MicroMania Film Festival & MicroMania Channel are nonprofit projects created to support independent voices in film by celebrating the skill and artistry of micro-short films (up to 5 minutes long before credits).

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About Spark Filmmakers Collaborative

Our stories help us see ourselves in each other.

Spark Filmmakers Collaborative envisions an open and loving human society based on the recognition of our similarities and appreciation for our differences. Whether you’re completely new to filmmaking or a seasoned creator, we’re here for you.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to inspiring and supporting voices of all abilities, ages, ethnicities, genders, sexual identities and income levels to share their vision and points of view via films 5 minutes and under.

Films 5 minutes and under cost less to produce allowing anyone with a video enabled device and a little guidance to do so.

Learn Filmmaking with Us

We are committed to developing programming for independent creators of all walks of life to share their work, build connections, grow storytelling skills, learn the business side of filmmaking, and — eventually — earn money making micros.

Whether you have sights on a career in filmmaking, or you’re just curious, we’re developing panels, workshops, and opportunities to help you in your filmmaking journey.

Collaborate with Us

From tax-deductible donations and event or program sponsorships to custom film challenges and screenings, our team is constantly dreaming up fun strategies to reach new audiences.

Check out our current community of collaborative supporters — each interested in supporting independent creators from the ground up, and growing their own community at the same time.