Collaborate with Spark!

“Collaborative” is in our name—and we mean it!

Our community of collaborative supporters range from individuals, progressive minded businesses, and fellow nonprofits — each interested in supporting independent creators from the ground up, and growing their own community at the same time.

From tax-deductible donations and event or program sponsorships to custom film challenges and screenings, our team is constantly dreaming up fun strategies to reach new audiences.

Whether you’re a filmmaker, an individual donor, a business owner, or a nonprofit, there’s no end to the ways we can grow together.

SFC Collaborative Partners

Los Artistas Del Barrio

MicroBudget Indie Filmmakers Podcast

MicroBudget Indie Filmmakers Podcast

Native Spirit Film Festival UK

Torn Jersey Media - 2021 Sponsor - MicroMania Film Fest - Spark Filmmakers Collaborative

Torn Jersey Media

Journey's End Refugee Services

Journey’s End Refugee Services

Frontline Arts Buffalo

Caramax Studio Logo - Spark Filmmakers Collaborative

Caramax Studio

University Heights Arts Association

Lukia Costello Photography

Buffalo Music Club - 2021 Sponsor - MicroMania Film Fest - Spark Filmmakers Collaborative

Buffalo Music Club

Five Points Bakery - Spark Filmmakers Collaborative

Five Points Bakery

Buffalo Center For Arts and Technology

Let’s get some ideas rolling.

Visit Calendly to schedule an introductory 15-minute brainstorm to see how our we can reach out goals and maximize our outreach together!