About Spark Filmmakers Collaborative

Our Mission

Spark Filmmakers Collaborative inspires and supports voices of all abilities, ages, ethnicities, genders, sexual identities and income levels to share their visions and points of view via films and videos 5 minutes and under. SFC breaks down barriers to film production, as a passion or a career path, with low-cost and free educational, exhibition, and community-building opportunities.

Spark Filmmakers Collaborative envisions an open and loving society based on the recognition of our similarities and appreciation for our differences. Our stories help us see ourselves in each other.

Our Vision

  • Prepare people of all kinds with visual storytelling skills applicable to any industry or career path – centered on the creation of films 5 minutes and under
  • Provide access to low cost and free instruction related to the business side of filmmaking for those whose goals include careers in film
  • Develop pathways to revenue generation via micro-short filmmaking

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Spark Filmmakers Collaborative envisions an just and loving society based on the recognition of our similarities and appreciation for our differences.

Our stories help us see ourselves in each other and help dismantle dominant cultural narratives that divide us.

Spark Filmmaker Collaborative inspires and supports voices of all abilities, ages, ethnicities, genders, sexual identities and income levels to share their visions and points of view via films and videos 5 minutes and under.

  • Film/video production can be a complex and expensive undertaking
  • Building an audience and breaking into the entertainment/media industry pose different challenges
  • Success requires building and maintaining professional relationships, and meeting ever-changing industry expectations in an opaque profit-driven system

Our DEI Action Plan

We are committed to developing programming for independent creators to share their work, build connections, grow their storytelling skills, and learn the business side of filmmaking.

We build collaborative partnerships with organizations of like mind to amplify each other, grow our communities, and expand opportunities for independent creators—always focusing our actions on:

  • Intentionally removing barriers to participation through advocacy
  • Building coalitions with Black, Indigenous, and community partners of color
  • Prioritizing the recruitment of board, staff, and teaching artists of color
  • Actively supporting anti-racism advocacy efforts
  • Mentoring the next generation of leaders
Lukia Costello - Founder & Executive Director SPC and MicroMania Film Festival

About Lukia Costello

Founder & Director of Spark Filmmakers Collaborative
Artist | Filmmaker | Editor


LUKIA COSTELLO (she, her) is a local artist, filmmaker and serial social entrepreneur with over a decade of creating public events and exhibition opportunities in Western New York.

In addition to working on her own organizations, Lukia has served as a judge for the Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project and a working member on the boards of several local organizations including:


Meet SPC’s wonderful, creative and brilliant board members:


Steven Rosenthal (He, Him) – Board President,

Stephen Rosenthal founded the video/digital film production company, Caramax Studio. Caramax produces documentaries, narrative films, industrials, and commercials for broadcast and the internet. Steve is a Director of Photography, Editor, Digital Colorist, and FAA licensed Remote Pilot. His documentary Go Gentle has been viewed more than 48,000 times on Amazon Prime.

Steve is also a musician and was a founding member of the Amherst Saxophone Quartet. He’s been a board member of Chamber Music America, American Composers Forum, and panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts.


Dorothea Braemer (She, Her) 

Dorothea has been actively involved in providing access to video training and production facilities to historically underserved communities as former Media Center Manager and Program Director at Scribe Video Center and former Director of Squeaky Wheel Media Arts Center. The Co-Director of the Termite TV Collective and active member since 1994, Braemer has produced numerous half-hour television programs for this award-winning video collective covering a broad range of cultural, social and political themes.  sBraemer’s personal media work has been broadcast nationally on PBS, and exhibited internationally at venues such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Television and Radio. She has been the recipient of grants and awards from the Sprague Foundation, the Bread and Roses Community Fund, the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, the Puffin Foundation and the Samuel Fels Foundation, amongst others. Braemer has taught film analysis and video production in the Communications Department at Villanova University and is currently Assistant Professor at SUNY Buffalo State Communication Department and serves on the board of Locust Street Arts Center in Buffalo, NY.



Tracey B. Wilson (She, Her) 

Tracey has worked in New York, Los Angeles, and many places in between, acting in everything from dramatic theatre and soap operas to quirky independent films and sketch comedy.

Tracey has been an actor/writer/director for award-winning short films, and toured North America four times with Lady Gaga as a performance art photographer. She then went on to publish the book HEAL THIS WAY – A LOVE STORY with Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters, in support of LGBTQ & bullied teens. She plays the titular role in the newly released feature TREW CALLING and stars in the spin-off series DIARY OF A LUNATIC, due out next spring. Tracey’s solo series CHARACTERS OF THE QUARANTINE has kept people entertained during the pandemic. Her next big project is BREEDING AWESOME, a documentary feature assembled from 15-years of private video journals. Tracey is also a sought-after live event host, specializing in family entertainment at major sporting events, and high-energy charity events all over the country.



Anne Hollowday (She, Her) 

Anne is a New York based film director and writer. With over a decade of experience in commercials, branded content, documentary and narrative filmmaking, Anne brings a practitioner’s eye to the board. Taking inspiration from her background as a stills photographer, Anne’s films are characterized by a strong attention to aesthetics: light, color and composition. Her cinematic eye has enabled collaborations with the likes of Porsche, Google, Uber and Nokia, across a variety of commercial and branded content projects, and garnered recognition from SXSW, AICP, the One Club, Shoot Magazine, 1.4 Awards and American Photography, among many others.


David Cloyd (He, Him) 

Co-founder of Buffalo Music Club, David Cloyd is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, music engineer as well as a digital designer/developer. After playing for a decade in Brooklyn, New York in the indie rock scene, he was signed to ECR Music Group in 2008. He released his debut album as a singer-songwriter with Unhand Me, You Fiend! in 2009.