“Full circle is what Ukrainians want for their country: to go through challenges and come out on the other side better and stronger. Safe and free. And have the pre-war topics return to the surface again, becoming the most critical agenda like as in times of peace.” Anastasiia Kirii, Program Curator

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Under the endless sky (4:00)
Directed by Alexandra Dzhiganskaya
2022, Austria

The film tells a personal story about the author’s childhood memories and explores how memories are preserved and why they have such a special meaning for people.

Alexandra Dzighanskaya

Alexandra is an award-winning Ukrainian illustrator and animator in Vienna, Austria. She studied visual communication in Kyiv(KNUCA), Vienna(Angewandte), and London(UAL). Her works address modern, urban, and people-inspired topics, often humorously, using bright colors and mixed media.

Instagram @alexandradzh/

20-11-7.MP4 (6:04)
Directed by Alina Panasenko
2022, Ukraine

For the first time in several years, a father and son decide to have dinner together. Will they be able to find a common language?

Alina Panasenko

is a director and visual artist from Severodonetsk, Ukraine, is based in Kyiv. She is a member of the Ukrainian Film Academy and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Screenwriting from KNUTCT. Alina has participated in the Film Bridge Programme (Wajda x Gdynia Film Schools) and is also a participant in the LIM program 2024. Her directorial works include the short films 20-11-7 and TEATRALNA STATION. Additionally, she has experience as a scriptwriter for the feature film LA PALISIADA.

Instagram @pnsnk

Irpin and Bucha. A minute of silence (1:03)
Julia Shashkova, Babylon ‘13
2022, Ukraine

Abandoned houses bear traces of war crimes and preserve fragments of their owner’s lives. Buildings will undoubtedly be rebuilt, but many people cannot be returned. We honor them with a moment of silence.

Julia Shashkova

Julia has been creating films and documentary projects on currant Ukrainian society since 2010. As a part of Babylon ’13 team she directed films “Stronger than Arms” and “Volunteers of war”, both of which received international film festival awards.

Babylon ‘13

is a Ukrainian documentary filmmakers’ association founded in 2013. Established to raise awareness of the Maidan protests in Ukraine and oppose Russian propaganda surrounding the Annexation of Crimea, the association has produced more than seven full-length documentaries and over a hundred short web films. 

Instagram @babylon13ua

Mother (7:33)
Directed by Mariia Felenko
2023, Ukraine

At the beginning of the war, Katya decided to leave her hometown and take her mother. But her mother is getting her nails done.

Mariia Felenko

Mariia was born in the Dnipro region, where she studied puppetry at the Dnipro Theater College from 2013 to 2017. Later, she continued her education in film directing at the Kyiv National University of Theatre, Film, and Television (KNUTKiT I. K. Karpenko-Kary). In 2022, forced to leave Ukraine due to the war, Mariia continued her studies through an Erasmus internship at FAMU in Prague.

Instagram @film.mother

Instagram @maria_felenko

How I celebrated the day of the russian language in Kherson
(9:07) Directed by Kateryna Krokha
2023, Ukraine

A portrait of Kherson during the flood after Russian invaders blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric station through a personal story of being there.

Kateryna Krokha

Kateryna, a video artist from Ukraine, has a sociology and Anglo-American literature background. With five years of experience as a video editor, she progressed to work as a video operator and director. In her creative endeavors, she merges video and text to delve into her surroundings and personal journey, crafting compelling narratives.

Instagram @katerynakrokha

My beloved, grey-haired (1:17)
Directed by Anastasia Kirii
2022, Spain, Ukraine

Read her hair as if it were a book and look into her experience fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Anastasia Kirii

Born and raised in Kyiv, Anastasiia always loved books and used to play them out with dialogues and accents. She studied film and TV direction in Kyiv and made her first short films there.
When the war started in Ukraine, Anastasiia moved to Barcelona by nine trains with her dog Penka. Instagram @anakirii/

Instagram @anakirii

Skateboarding on the frontline (6:04)
Maksym Lukashov, Babylon ’13
2022, Ukraine

You can ignore the war in Kharkiv for a bit, while you and your friends are skateboarding through the city streets. What is this – an unjustified risk or an attempt to save one’s psyche?

Maksym Lukashov

Born in 1985 in Cherkasy. Graduated from the I.K. Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University and worked on popular TV projects as a director and editor for 10 years. After the full-scale invasion by Russia, as a member of Babylon ‘13, began creating documentary films on the impact of the military aggression of the occupiers on peaceful life. Since 2023 Maksym has been mobilized for military service.

Babylon ’13

is a Ukrainian documentary filmmakers’ association founded in 2013. Established to raise awareness of the Maidan protests in Ukraine and oppose Russian propaganda surrounding the Annexation of Crimea, the association has produced more than seven full-length documentaries and over a hundred short web films. Instagram @babylon13ua

Instagram @babylon13ua

Departure (1:18)
Directed by Viktoriia Turetska
2023, Ukraine

Even when the darkness falls, brave Ukrainian bunnies continue crafting sweaters, preparing them for departures to safer places.

Viktoriia Turetska

Viktoriia Turetska was born on May 18, 2002, in Dnipro, Ukraine. Despite drawing from a young age, she only began pursuing animation at the start of the full-scale war. In March 2022, Viktoriia and her family were granted temporary asylum in Germany. A year later, she enrolled in the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, specializing in animation.

“!” (exclamation mark) (4:25)
Directed by Orest Smilianets
2023, Spain, Ukraine

It is an original short film about humanity and space that unpredictably explores critical contemporary issues.

Orest Smilianets

Orest Smilianets is a 31-year-old independent Ukrainian filmmaker, art director, and the founder of #orestfilm. His cinematic works often provide a global perspective on humanity, space, technology, and contemporary events.

Instagram @vilka.entertainment

Mokosh (4:45)
Directed by Anna Dudko
2023, Ukraine

The film is dedicated to women who have faced sexual violence under occupation. The Sun is breaking into pieces, and hard times are coming. In the devastating chaos, Mother Nature gives birth to a new cycle of life.

Anna Dudko

Anna Dudko is a Ukrainian animation director and animator. She was born in Ukraine in 1996. Studied Design and Animation in Kyiv. Previously, she created two films: “Here by Herself” and “Deep Water”.

Instagram @andy.rooth

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