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I can see big crowds coming for them in the future…
“I occasionally enter film festivals that I am unable to go to, so my ability to review them is based on their communications with me and their social media presence. I was unfortunately not able to attend this film festival this year (would have been an expensive trip), but I was thrilled with the excellent and enthusiastic communication I received and how active they are on social media. I felt valued as someone with a film that had been selected and it really made me wish I could have been there. They are a brand new festival, but I can see big crowds coming for them in the future if they continue their excellent level of service. I really appreciated the level of effort put towards me as a filmmaker who couldn’t make it and I’d bet anything they rolled out the red carpet for filmmakers in attendance. Definitely recommend.”

Wonderful labour of love…
“Wonderful labour of love by the founders, and it shows! Lots of care was put into the format and running order. They are committed to trying to give micro-shorts opportunities and platforms. Clear communication and we had a great time at the screening itself. For a festival in its first year to be so confidently and carefully put together was a wonderful surprise and we’re very excited to go back in the future.”

One of the best festivals out there…
“For sure this is one of the best and well-curated festivals out there! Lukia is an amazing person and she knows very well how to do her job. The quality of the movies is high and the concept of the festival itself is amazing. It has been an honor to be selected . . . Thank you!!!!”

Without a doubt, the best festival we have been a part of…
“Being part of Micromania is an amazing experience and feels not just that you are part of an event, but that you are joining an international filmmaking community, which at any point in your filmmaking journey is priceless. We recommend it to everyone and anyone. There is something for all at Micromania!”

Inspiring and highly recommended…
“Lukia and the staff of the MicroMania Film Festival did a great job of organizing and communicating. Inspiring and highly recommended. Thanks.”

MicroMania in the Press

“One of the biggest challenges in independent filmmaking lies in getting people outside of your family to see your work. MicroMania Film Festival was created to be more than a one-off event and actively participates in amplifying quality independent short films . . . If you watched Super Bowl LIV you saw an ad for Quibi, a new subscription content platform featuring shows up to 10 min long. Powered by $1 billion in seed investment, it proves the potential of extra short content . . . The difference between Quibi and MicroMania Film Fest, other than Quibi’s huge bankroll, resides in their missions. While Quibi focuses more on the producers, directors and talent we already know and love, MicroMania Film Fest was created to celebrate the artistry of micro-short storytelling by independent creators and to inspire fresh and innovative filmmaking voices.”
—NYWIFT Blog (Read the article)

“As a storytelling format its an incredibly smart move especially now in the social media age where there can be time constraints on your piece . . . with the festival circuit, there is no greater start than the MicroMania Film Festival.”
—TheLostCreatives.uk (Read the article)

“Join forward-thinking filmmakers and fellow film lovers for an afternoon screening of top-notch domestic and international micro-short films specially curated for the finest and shortest of attention spans by a panel of judges.”
—Buffalo Rising (Read the article)

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2023 submissions for the Micro-Short Film Fest are now open on FilmFreeway.
Submission waivers are available to Indigenous Filmmakers by referral and Iranian filmmakers by request.

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