Saturday Morning Cartoons

Fun, family friendly cartoons from WNY’s leading animation programs and global creators. 63 minutes.

Shakespeare for all Ages

Hannes Rall (Dir), 3 minutes, Germany, New York State Premiere

Shakespeare’s works are timeless – this film proves it! This witty series of adaptations of the work of literary genius William Shakerspeare reimagines Hamlet, The Bard, Othello, and more for the TikTok generation.

Angel From Down the Block

Jakez Paul Dubois (Dir), 5 minutes, USA, Buffalo Premiere

Filmmaker Jakez Paul Dubois in attendance.

An angel is set to earth to learn the true meaning of friendship from Guy, a down on his luck slacker.

Baggage Check

Mikayla Genevieve Clayback (Dir), 2 minutes, USA, Buffalo Premiere

Filmmaker Mikayla Genevieve Clayback in attendance.

Final boarding call. Please check your emotional baggage!


Alister Inkwell (Dir), 3 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

Filmmaker Alister Inkwell in attendance.

click! is a rotoscoped experimental music video that mimics the energy of the creative process and explores the various moments where the idea “clicks.”


Jim Hulse (Dir), 3 minutes, USA, Buffalo Premiere

Filmmaker Jim Hulse in attendance.

Mark’s heart and brain battle it out in real time, while on a first date with Judy.


Siobhan Gannon + Eryk White (Dir), 5 minutes, USA, World Premiere

Filmmakers Siobhan Gannon + Eyrk White in attendance.

A game show host struggles to move past his glory days.

Frame Fumble

Alexander Griffin (Dir), 4 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

What if the video frame fought back!? This slapstick/vintage comedy short explores the misadventures of a stressed computer worker and his troubles with aspect ratio.


Emmanuel L Edwards (Dir), 3 minutes, USA, World Premiere

Filmmaker Emmanuel L Edwards in attendance.

All Josh wants to do is watch cartoons, but his mother has other plans for his day.

The Bird

Mitchell Owen Walters (Dir), 3 minutes, USA, World Premiere

Filmmaker Mitchell Owen Walters in attendance.

Two roommates investigate a strange noise in their house and find an unusual creature. While its inhabitance there creates a controversy between the two, it may not be the only unwanted guest trying to get in.

Love Is Blind

Emily Marie Missland (Dir), 2 minutes, USA, World Premiere

Filmmaker Emily Marie Missland in attendance.

A lonely, archtypal Medusa character named Myla lives in her cave, craving companionship. When a new intruder arrives, old fears reemerge. Will Myla be able to befriend Bianca or is she another adventurer coming to cut her down?


Molly Lonigan (Dir), 4 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

A princess finds herself torn between two realities.

To My Childhood

Jiaying He (Dir), 3 minutes, China, Western New York Premiere

A girl who goes back in time in a dream and meets the childhood version of herself.


Allyson Su (Dir), 3 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

Filmmaker Allyson Su in attendance.

Two ly-fi-addicted neighbors square off to retain their comfortable virtual stimuli, ignorant of the impending natural disaster.


Luca Vincent La Fratta (Dir), 4 minutes, USA, Western New York Premiere

Filmmaker Luca Vincent La Fratta in attendance

A spaceman gliding through space with his only friend must make a crucial decision when his life is in danger.

The Sprayer

Farnoosh Abeo (Dir), 9 minutes, Iran, New York State Premiere

In the land occupied with the sprayers army, no one has the right to grow any kind of plants either in public or private.


Tessa Rae Santillo (Dir), 2 minutes, USA, World Premiere

Filmmaker Tessa Rae Santillo in attendance.

A film about a Tenrec (a small hedgehog like creature) who is walking along the rails of a train track. Adventures unfold as the dusk turns to night.

The Crow

Ahura Shahbazi (Dir), 9 minutes, Iran, US Premiere

A crow that has grown weary of living among other crows decides to leave them, when they see an eagle fliying high in the sky.

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  • Date: Saturday, October 8, 2022
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